Our Team

Faith Davis, Marketing Fellow

Chris Lambert
Founder & CEO

Dr. Chris Lambert is the founder and CEO of Life Remodeled, award-winning author of Next Level Nonprofit, and founder of the Next Level Nonprofit organizational operating system. It’s not the career trajectory Chris envisioned when he studied marketing at Indiana University, planned for law school, or dreamed of a lucrative career as a real estate developer. But a new call took shape after a spiritual awakening during his junior year of college, and Chris went on to earn his MDiv and doctorate in preaching from Fuller and Gordon-Conwell seminaries, respectively. Moving to Liberia, Chris and his wife helped a village mobilize support to drill a well, acquire farm animals, and construct their very first school building. Upon returning to the U.S., Chris founded a church called Ekklesia. In 2010 he launched Life Remodeled, which repurposes vacant school buildings into one-stop hubs of opportunity and helps create neighborhood revitalization that lasts.

From recognition on the TEDx stage to lists like Crain’s 40 Under 40, Building Design + Construction 40 Under 40, and SMART BUSINESS Dealmaker of the Year, Chris’s reputation precedes him. But it’s the journey ahead—and the people who are helping to lead the way—that excites him most.

Jen Friedman
Interim Next Level Nonprofit Director

Dr. Jen Friedman is an esteemed organizational consultant and leadership coach. She blends her psychology background with 20+ years of experience in nonprofit leadership, mental health, and education. Her profound knowledge of the intricacies of systems thinking and human emotions elevates those with whom she partners. Jen’s expertise lies in developing leadership, enabling personal growth while building cohesive teams, and creating effective systems to help organizations evolve. Her exceptional ability to inspire positive change and foster growth has earned her recognition and admiration from clients across various industries. She works locally and nationally, and speaks widely about growth mindset, emotional intelligence, and servant leadership. 

Diallo Smith

Diallo Smith is the Chief Operating Officer at Life Remodeled, a Detroit non-profit focused on sustainable and equitable neighborhood revitalization. Diallo and his team repurpose vacant school buildings in Detroit into one-stop hubs of opportunity, mobilize thousands of volunteers annually to clear four square miles of blight, and aid other non-profits in building organizational excellence through their Next Level Nonprofit program.


Diallo has over 20 years of experience in coordinating, planning, and implementing projects through completion that will translate into enhanced customer satisfaction, increased revenue, cost efficiency, and creating an environment for growth for the firm and its customers.

As COO of Life Remodeled, Diallo is responsible for building organizational capacity to execute the organization’s business plan, oversee major projects, cultivate a thriving organizational culture, develop effective leadership/management strategies throughout the organization, human resource structuring (including DE&I initiatives), and providing risk management consultation on major company decisions.

Faith Davis
Administrative Assistant

Faith Davis is the Marketing Fellow at Next Level Nonprofit. She is a seasoned writer with a robust foundation in copywriting, marketing, and content creation. Her impressive track record showcases a proven ability to captivate and persuade audiences through impactful messaging. Faith excels in generating engaging content that not only drives measurable results but also enhances brand awareness. Her academic foundation includes a degree in English from Grand Valley State University, emphasizing language and literature. Faith’s commitment to the nonprofit sector fuels her passion to elevate other organizations in their missions, making her a driving force in the advancement of charitable causes through her expertise in communication and marketing.